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 Writers lament all the challenges that come with setting out on a project. I make reference to teachings of the Native Americans in my work. This is just the occasion for native wisdom. Elders steer their young on a difficult path. Challenge is embraced.

After 30 years of professional writing as a newsman, I am still learning. And, while some might find the transition from article writing to chapter writing a smooth one, I find it challenging – always have.

Challenges are something I have not steered clear of over the years. My experience as a law student got me into the linear thinking habit. But linear thinking is like canoeing upstream when it comes to creating stories. My mind is a wild horse and will not be reined in easily, I have found. My mind produces its best ideas when it is not restrained. The reining in happens as I turn ideas into chapters and then a drama. My focus might be the best kind. I keep after it.

The more difficult challenge was to bring science knowledge into the content. How much is too much? How little is too little? It’s more than balance. The story has to be cohesive. It needs to be reader friendly, but not dumbed down. It’s easy to wander down tangents after minutes of writing only to pause and find that you might not keep the passages just written. If I have any advice to impart after taking on this project, it is do not fall in love with what you write. It is likely to change.



Chapter 2 is available for download

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Conditions were not right the first time a NASA probe flew by. Oddly enough, it was the Hubble telescope that later took images of what the Galileo missed. Geysers shooting 125 miles into space beckoned from Jupiter’s domain.

Europa was envisioned as something like a Lava Lamp.

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More chapters coming – and they are free

The second chapter of Frontier, a novel by Raymond Alvarez, is scheduled to be available at my website today. Download the second chapter and let me know what you think.

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Read first chapter of Frontier, a scifi novel set on Europa

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scifi novel about strange object on Europa


A mystery lies at the bottom of Europa’s hidden ocean. Scientists arrive to learn that the spherical object is an extraterrestrial spaceship. Never-imagined-technical wizardry lies dormant inside. A commercial space ship burns all of its fuel rocketing to Jupiter’s moon. Asteroids and the enormous pressure deep in Jupiter’s atmosphere cannot stop the ship from delivering the two men assigned to go inside. Waiting on earth is a trillionaire bent on controlling the alien technology. With the object’s powerful secrets nearly in hand something goes terribly wrong. A chain of events is set loose as mankind struggles for its very survival.

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